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**New World Record** - 800BHP LAP3 Kia Stinger GT LAP3 XT26 Turbo Upgrade & ECU Remapping 694PS / 85.79kg-m (684WHP / 620ft-lbs) after 15% Drivetrain Loss on the dynojet!

This breakthrough was possible with our latest and most advanced ECU tuning solution. We were able to fully utilize the XT26 Turbos' capability, and it put down unbelievable power figures, ~700WHP on the Dynojet dyno, renewing all of our previous world records! The vehicle is still on a stock motor and stock internals. We are very excited about the new world record, and progress we made with the platform. We will continue our journey to building a 1000BHP Setup when we get our hands on the internals to R&D with.


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