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  • Car specs 19 Elantra GT Nline 1.6t Intercooler resonator delete-sxth Sri bpv and breather delete-sxth hks bov hks 45 xl plugs Synthetic 5w40 oil mac bov solenoid just installed( made the tune worse) Lap3 spare ecu tuned to 91 octane, dct, pop gurgle. Issue after installing the ecu tune the car ran great. Then started feeling like the boost was leaking or cutting out that’s when I upgraded the Mac bov solenoid. I have not done the ebcs yet but if this is a part I need for the tune to run better it should have been mentioned when buying the Tune. I feel like the boost cuts out alot and most of the time feels like the car Isn’t even tuned anymore? I will buy the ebcs and try that to see if it helps but if not I will be very disattified. I have had a boost gauge in car from beginning. Car ran around 16 psi stock. Then went to 23 when tune was installed now I can’t get it up to 23 anymore. Car is back running 16psi and feels stock tuned. Hoping this ebcs solves the problem. Any advice thanks?
  • Tools Needed - Large Zip Ties - 8-10mm Sockets - Electrical Tape - Velcro Tape - Android device with Google Play Store access. Installation Time: ~15-30min depending on experience. Step 1: Disconnect the battery Step 2: Locate the section of cable labeled "MAP" from the ProTuner main harness. Disconnect the factory MAP sensor plug, and connect the Pro-Tuner MAP sensor cable. Step 3: Locate the section of cable labeled "BOOST" from the ProTuner main harness. Disconnect the factory BOOST sensor plug, and connect the Pro-Tuner BOOST sensor cable on each end of the factory cable. *Note: The BOOST map sensor is located on the pipe before the throttle body, and it looks just like the Map sensor you connected on the Step 2. . Note: The BOOST sensor is located on the cold pipe just before the throttle body Step4: Locate the CRANK sensor underneath the factory charge pipe. Find the Y-cable labeled as "CRANK" from the Pro-Tuner box. Disconnect the factory CRANK sensor cable, and connect the Pro-Tuner CRANK sensor cable on each end of the factory plugs. Locate the matching plug from the Pro-Tuner main harness and connect the other end of the crank cable. Step 5: Locate the CANbus cable from the Pro-Tuner and connect it to the CANbus port located next to the engine by the passenger side. Use electrical tapes to secure the connection. Step 6: Locate the Bluetooth Module from the Pro-Tuner box, and connect it to the matching plug on the Pro-Tuner harness. Step 7: Optional Speed Limiter Canceler(Green Wires) - Coming Soon Step 8: Use electrical tapes on each end of the Blue & Green wires as they are not used. Step 9: Locate and connect the power wire from the Pro-Tuner to terminal location inside the fuse box. Step 10: Connect the Battery Step 11: Grab your Android device, install PROSS app from Google Play store. (Link: LAP3 V2 PRO-TUNER PROSS BT APP ) Start the car and pair the device through the phone Bluetooth Setting. When you open the app, it will ask you for serial#. The Serial number is located behind the Bluetooth module. Once its up and running, confirm the 3 indicators (Bluetooth,OBD2,Uncle Chip) on the app are RED. Step 12: Select the ECU CONTROL MODE button and to choose your mode. Mode 1 - Stock Map Mode 2 -93 Octane Mapping Mode 3 - E30 Mapping (Requires 4-5 gallons of E85 and topped off with 91-93 octane) Meth Mode - Meth Injection Mapping (Requires 70%+ Meth mix, 500mm Injection starting @ 5psi & Max Spray @ 15psi) User Map - 91 Octane Mapping unless the user customizes the map through the app Step 13: Enjoy!
  • I’ve been running my chip on 93 for about 2 months now and have loved every second of it. Highly recommend, I can definitely feel a difference.