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10 Second LAP3 Tuned Kia Stinger

Here is it, a proven 10sec LAP3 Tuned Kia Stinger! Congratulations Jericho & Broly_The_Stinger! The customer is running LAP3 Stage2.5 ECU Tune & Stage3 TCU Tune, running conservative amount of boost 18-21psi with pump E30 & WMI.

Unlike others, our tune was able to achieve 10.9s on a daily driven vehicle without use of expensive race fuel and crazy amount of boost. It's the only stock turbo Stinger that ran 10s on both Dragy & at the Track without any problems with the motor and turbos!

Reliability, Performance, and Consistency are very important when it comes to tuning. We are very happy that we were able to offer the tuning solution that met customer's standards, and enabled him to achieve his goals and records! The customer has been running our tune since it was purchased new. After hundreds of races & daily driving, the customer just put down over 50K miles on the car, while making over 500WHP! Make sure to follow him on IG:

Join LAP3 Performance discussion page if you'd like to follow the owner and his build!


Where can I buy the ecu for 2.5?

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