480HP Elantra Sport 1.6T - The most powerful ES in the World

480BHP Elantra Sport 1.6T Putting down 413.8PS(408WHP) on dynojet after ~15% drivetrain loss LAP3 G25-550 Turbo Upgrade The motor internals are stock besides forged rods. We further unlocked the the limiter to 7500RPM for more power & broader powerband. It should make about 430-450WHP. There's some room left in it for more power, and we are sure the owner will come back for more when he is ready. Join LAP3 Performance discussion page to meet the owner and follow the build! (www.facebook.com/groups/lap3usa) #ElantraSport #LAP3 #AuthenticTuning #PROSS #HardcoreTuning#PossibleWithLAP3 #GammaMotor #GDI #Hyundai #Veloster #Forte#Elantra #KDM #TurboUpgrade #ECU #ECUTune #Tune

480BHP Veloster N 2.0T - The Most Powerful N in the World

480BHP Veloster N 2.0T - LAP3 GTX2867 Turbo Upgrade The World's most powerful N is back again with 408ps/53.37kgm (402whp/386ft-lbs) on dynojet after 15-20% drivetrain loss. This time, we addressed the stock GDI fueling limitation with WMI system. The customer brought boost juice(50% methanol content) for tuning, and we finalized the mapping just over 400WHP all the way to the redline with peak boost of 24psi. We unlocked the redline to 7200RPM for more broad power band! With higher meth content, we could make another 20-30WHP @ 26psi. Join LAP3 Performance discussion page to meet the owner & follow the build! #LAP3 #WorldFirst #VelosterN #TurboUpgrade #EcuTune #TurboByGarrett#PROSS #Hardcor

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