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- Increased Boost
- Increased Ignition timing
- Adjusted Cam timing
- Adjusted AFR & target Lambda
- Unlocked various torque management system
- Unlocked top speed governor
- Built-in Over-boost protection
- Disabled O2 sensor

-  HKS M45XL plugs

- Synthetic 5w40 oil


Stock (274BHP) 220-230WHP @ 17psi peak on dynojet
LAP3 Uncle Chip 91 Octane - 250-260WHP @22psi
LAP3 Uncle Chip 93 Octane - 260-270WHP @24psi
LAP3 Stage 1 (91 Octane) ECU Tune - 270-280WHP @20psi
LAP3 Stage 1.5 (92-93 Octane) ECU Tune 280-290WHP @21psi

Stage 1 & 1.5 are included in the module purchase. Below are upgrades available for purchase down the road for the ECU Reflash Module Owners.

Stage 2.0 (E30) ECU Tune - 300-315WHP @23psi (requires HFC/Catless midpipe from this point)
Stage 2.5 (WMI) ECU Tune - 310-330WHP @24psi

*Boost may vary by 1-2psi peak or so, depends on the exhaust set up & wastegate voltage.*

Stage 3.0 (WG Upgrade 93 Tune) 310-320WHP @ 23psi
Stage 3.5 (WG Upgrade Meth Tune) 330-360WHP @ 26psi
Stage 3.5+ (WG Upgrade+22T Turbo+Meth Tune) 380-400WHP @ 26psi
Stage 4.0 (2871R/3076R Turbo Upgrade 93 Tune) 350-370WHP @ 21psi
Stage 4.5 (2871R/3076R Turbo Upgrade Meth Tune) 400-450WHP @ 26psi (2.2 Stroker kit recommended)
Stage 5.0 (3076R & Intake Mani+Aux Fuel Injection) 400-450WHP @ 24psi (2.2 Stroker kit recommended)
Stage 5.5 (3076R & Intake Mani+Aux Fuel injection+Meth) upto ~500WHP @ 30psi (2.2 Stroker kit required)

Disclaimer: All sales are final. Any risks associated with running a tune on a vehicle are solely that of the vehicle owner, and LAP3USA LLC is not liable for loss of warranty or damage incurred to your vehicle.

LAP3 ECU Tune - TF Optima 2.0T / YF Sonata 2.0T

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