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- Increased Boost
- Increased Ignition timing
- Adjusted Cam timing
- Adjusted AFR & target Lambda
- Unlocked various torque management system
- Unlocked top speed governor
- Built-in Over-boost protection
- Disabled O2 sensor

-  HKS M45XL plugs

- Synthetic 5w40 oil

Disclaimer: All sales are final. Any risks associated with running a tune on a vehicle are solely that of the vehicle owner, and LAP3USA LLC is not liable for loss of warranty or damage incurred to your vehicle.

LAP3 ECU Tune & Reflash Module

SKU: 1001
$1,000.00 Regular Price
$950.00Sale Price
Optional Spare ECU
ECU Tune:
Radiator Fan Speed Tuning
Neutral Rev Unlock
Exhaust Tuning
  • Applicable models:

    • 2011-14 Sonata 2.0T 
    • 2011-15 Optima 2.0T

    LAP3 Uncle Boost is an ECU re-flash module and it offers three maps.

    1. Stock Tune (1.2 bar/ 17.5 psi)
    2. LAP3 Stage 1 - 91+ Octane Tune (1.3 bar/ 19 psi)
    3. LAP3 Stage 1.5 - 92+ Octane Tune (1.4 bar/ 20.5 psi)