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LAP3 Stage4 Water Meth Injection Kit

The system utilizes Engine RPM, Boost PSI, Throttle Position to create a 3D adjustable water-methanol injection system. 


*This item does not work with the LAP3 Pro-Tuner.
Link to the Pro-Tuner V2 Meth Kit


Click here for the Installation Guide


Key Features:

  • Methanol Injection PWM controller system
  • Injection Duty Cycle tuning via PROSS METHAN App
  • Safely increase horsepower upto 20%
  • Lower Intake Air temperatures by 50+ degrees
  • Decrease cylinder temperatures up to 300 degrees
  • Reduce effects of heat soak in warmer climates
  • Safely allow ability to run more boost and timing
  • Reduce carbon and assist in maintaining a clean combustion chamber
  • Increase octane at user programmable boost levels


What's Included:

  • LAP3 Injection Control Module(ICM)
  • LAP3 ICM Harness
  • DO(Devil's Own) Methanol Tank
  • DO 300 PSI Recirculation Pump
  • DO 300 PSI Solenoid
  • DO Nozzle Holder Low Profile
  • DO Nozzle
  • Nylon Tubing


Nozzle Size Recommendations: 
Hyundai & Kia 1.6T-GDI: DO4

Hyundai & Kia 2.0T-GDI: DO7
Hyundai & Kia 3.3T-GDI: DO7

LAP3 Stage4 Water Methanol Injection Kit

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