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Compatible Year / Models:
2018+ U.S Kia Stinger 3.3T H-Matic (Cable) Transmission (GT, GT1, GTS)

2018+ U.S Kia Stinger 3.3T E-Shift (Shift-By-Wire) Transmission (GT2)
2019+ U.S Genesis G70 3.3T E-Shift (Shift-By-Wire) Transmission (All Models)


- LAP3 Hyper Launch Control

- Increased Line pressure for firmer & quicker shifting
- Unlocked Various Limiters & Torque Management System

- Boost Launch automatically when TC & SC are disabled

- Auto Upshift logic at the redline when TC & SC disabled to avoid the rev limiter limp mode

*Guide & Disclaimer*

  • Do not rev or stall the torque converter any longer than 1 second. Longer you hold the RPM, more wear and tear to the transmission. Make sure to launch the vehicle as soon as you hit the target RPM or target PSI (*Your throttle input will determine the RPM & Boost level*)
  • For your vehicle safety, we recommend launching as soon as the vehicle hits 2000RPM or 0-5PSI.
  • You may launch it at higher PSI at your own risk. 
  • If you are not familiar with this process, please make sure to feather the throttle and monitor the RPM & Boost level and practice. Again, Do not hold the RPM(stalling the torque converter) longer 1 second, and make sure to launch the vehicle as soon as you hit the target RPM/PSI.
  • *Running too much boost during the launch sequence may cause excess wear and stress on the drivetrain*
  • Please make sure to watch the videos above on how to launch & shift the vehicle with the TCU tune 

The typical lead time for the spare ECU & TCU Tune orders is 3-4weeks.

All sales are Final. Physical or water damage is not covered by warranty period of 3 months. Any risk associated with running a tune on a vehicle is soley that of the vehicle owner, and LAP3USA LLC is not liable for loss of warranty or damage incurred to your vehicle. 

LAP3 TCU Tune - Kia & Genesis 3.3T-GDI

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