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Applicable year models: 

2014 - 2018 Forte 1.6T-GDI

- Increased Boost
- Increased Ignition timing
- Adjusted Cam timing
- Adjusted AFR & target Lambda
- Unlocked various torque management system
- Unlocked top speed governor
- Disabled Catylatic Converter Efficiency Codes for HFC/Catless Exhaust Systems


Click the links below for the work-logs:

1. HKS M45XL plugs
2. Synthetic 5w40 oil

Disclaimer: All sales are final. Any risks associated with running a tune on a vehicle are solely that of the vehicle owner, and LAP3USA LLC is not liable for loss of warranty or damage incurred to your vehicle.


LAP3 ECU Tune for YD Forte Turbo 1.6 T-GDI

$1,200.00 Regular Price
$975.00Sale Price
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