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Concept 3 High Performance Transmission Oil Cooler is a great modification for daily drivers and track usage. It offers significantly better cooling & maintains optimal oil temperature for extended periods of time. This is even more critical for vehicles producing more heat than from the factory, such as modified builds and vehicles with aftermarket TCU tunes. By stabilizing and maintaining lower oil temperatures in the transmission, the life cycle of the transmission & its fluid is extended.

Not only will the C3 Transmission Oil Cooler offer significantly better cooling and extend the life of your transmission, but it will also be much more durable and longer lasting compared to OEM. It fits perfectly without modifying/cutting/drilling the bumper, and it attaches to all factory oil lines. 


  • ~130% Increase in Cooling Performance
  • ~185% Increase in Heat Exchange Area
  • True Dual-Pass Configuration for Better Cooling vs. OEM Single-Pass
  • More Than Double the Size of OEM! 
    • C3 Core 8.3” w/ 16 Tubes vs. OEM Core ~3.3” Tall w/ 6 Tubes
    • C3 Tube Width 26mm vs. OEM 20mm Tube Width
  • Direct Replacement with Simple Installation Requiring No Modifications or Cutting
  • TIG-Welded for Superior Reliability & Durability
  • Designed and Manufactured by CSF Cooling
  • Available in Both Black and Silver Finishes


*When installing the cooler, make sure to add a quart of transmission fluid to make up for the extra volume.* 


Concept 3 High Performance Transmission Oil Cooler

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