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Dec 09, 2018
In Sonata 2.0T
What can I say.... A very good quality product and easy install. I also took the opportunity to also install brand new plugs and replace the old batch of HKS M45XLs. After 3+ years of wait, my ‘15 LF has finally awaken. Setup and configured to ECU Mode 2. Better throttle response, no lag whatsoever. I'm running no cats, straight-pipe, 0W-40. Tested both city and highway speeds with traction control off. (was so excited, I didn’t focus on taking a video). Received the product last Monday and waited until today to perform the install and not rush it. Kudos to David Chung and the team at Lap3 Performance. Definitely worth it.  Here’s a couple of pictures of the installations including some tips on how to make your install as easy as possible. a. CANbus port image on installation guide is beside the fuse box and text states CANbus is located on the passenger side. This may be taken from two different vehicles... probably passenger side CANbus is from Hyundai models and driver side CANbus is from KIA models. As on my install, the CANbus is on the passenger side. No biggie as the CANbus port is really not hard to locate. The LAP3 harness for the CANbus was routed and zip-tied along with the hoses for my LAP3 OCC. b. For those who have AEM CAI installed, the easiest way to access the "CRANK" sensor is to remove the filter and heat shield assembly. Be careful to not drop the screw closest to the BOV when removing the heatshield. (it almost fell for me). c. The LAP3 harness connected to the "CRANK" sensor was routed at the back under the brake fluid master cylinder and behind the car's ECU and zip-tied to other factory harnesses. d. If you were to route your LAP3 harness above or below the charge pipe or, even just above the cold pipe that leads to the throttle body, be careful not to let your LAP3 harness come in contact as it may not be long before the harness melts from contact under extreme heat. I chose to route my install above the cold pipe and above the charge pipe. IMO, easier to adjust or make changes even when engine's hot. e. You will notice that the sticker on the bluetooth module has been peeled of the back and transferred to the top as I have installed velcro straps to the bluetooth module on top of the fuse box. It will be easier to pair in case I change phones. (just a personal preference). I may relocate the bluetooth module inside the car and routed through the firewall when I get the chance. f. Once your install is done mainly on the CANbus, MAP, BOOST and CRANK, I zip-tied the remaining harness and placed it just in front of the battery. (some would place it just to the right side of the battery. this is just your personal preference.) Hopefully I'll be able upload videos soon. Feel free to post any question you may have on LAP3 facebook page or in this forum. Goodluck, enjoy and LAP3 FTW.
Nov 06, 2018
In LAP3 Members Introduction
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