SXTH Element Engineering Short Ram Intake

  • Hear your turbo spool and factory blow off valve make that classic turbo sound. Increase overall power and throttle response 


  • The SXTH Intake replaces the OEM intake tubing with mandrel bent 3.5" diameter pipe for maximum and smooth airflow.
  • No welds and completely seamless!
  • Comes with a superior flowing genuine AEM Dry-Flow Air Filters. Easy, no oil cleaning.
  • The intake system comes powdercoated in a wrinkle black, for a subtle OEM look and feel.
  • Comes with high quality silicone couplers and stainless steel t-bolt clamps. There is also a mounting bracket included.


  • Eliminated the valve cover breather line connection from the intake system to help with engine cleanliness. The breather line vents crankcase vapors and these vapors contain a mixture of/fuel/oil that will coat your intake system and reduce its efficiency. The system vents the valve cover connection by including a genuine K&N breather filter.

*Custom Colors take approximately 2-3 weeks for processing and coating*


  1. OEM Breather / BPV Delete - Connect your valve cover breather hose but delete the OEM Bypass Valve (BPV) hose connection.
  2. Breather Delete / BPV Delete - Keep your intake tract a little cleaner by deleting the breather connection and deleting the OEM Bypass valve (BPV) hose connection. The valve cover breather is replaced with K&N Breather filter/hose.
  3. OEM Breather / BPV - Use this configuration to retain all OEM connections, valve cover breather and OEM Bypass valve (BPV).
  4. Breather Delete / BPV - Use this configuration to delete the breather connection and keep the OEM Bypass valve (BPV) hose connection. The valve cover breather is replaced with K&N Breather filter/hose.

    Each Intake is custom made per order. It may take 3-4 weeks to ship. 

SXTH Short Ram Intake System

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