LAP3 Pro-Tuner - Dynamic ECU Tuning Solution 

Applicable Models:
2018+ G80 Sport 3.3T

2017+ G90 3.3T

Link to the Installation Guide

Key Features

  • Boost: Unlike most boost chips on the market, it doesn't just fool the sensor & voltage to increase boost. LAP3 Pro-Tuner can custom tune the boost pressure per RPM based on the engine load. 
  • Fuel Tuning: After carefully analyzing the fuel rail sensor & AFR values, we customize fueling map per RPM & engine load to increase gas mileage and  performance.
  • Top Speed Governor Removal(Optional): Many Stinger owners have been asking us about it, and the LAP3 Pro-Tuner will allow you to unlock the speed limiter
  • Apple iOS & Android OS Application via Bluetooth
  • Dynamic performance: You will be able to change your maps through the app (Stock, Stage1, Stage 2, Stage3). You can also monitor Live data for your engine condition as well.
  • Data Logging Capability - The Pro-Tuner V2.5 app offers data logging over 40 sensors.
  • DTC Code Scanner - The owner can scan & select DTC codes to remove them.
  • Meth Injection System Support (Future Upgrade) - V2 Pro-Tuner Meth Injection Kit interlocks with the Pro-Tuner & the phone application. Custom ignition timing & boost based on the engine load received from the Canbus, when paired with the Methanol Injection system via PWM controller system.


LAP3 Pro-Tuner V2.5 - 3.3T-GDI (G80 & G90)

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