LAP3 Pro-Tuner - Dynamic ECU Tuning Solution 

Applicable Models:

2019+ Veloster N 2.0T-GDI
2018+ i30 N 2.0T-GDI


Requirements: HKS M45XL Spark Plugs

Click here to see the Installation Guide

Key Features

  • Boost: Unlike most boost chips on the market, it doesn't just fool the sensor & voltage to increase boost. LAP3 Pro-Tuner can custom tune the boost pressure per RPM based on the engine load. 
  • Ignition Timing Tuning - Pro-Tuner is the only PNP tuning solution on the market that can control and map ignition timing. Based on the crank angle sensor values and the boost pressure/rpm, Ignition Timing is mapped for the most optimal performance setup. This allows your vehicle to run less boost & make more power compared to other PNP tuning chips on the market. 
  • Top Speed Governor Removal(Optional): Many Stinger owners have been asking us about it, and the LAP3 Pro-Tuner will allow you to unlock the speed limiter
  • Through the app, you will be able to change your maps through the app (Stock, Stage1, Stage 2, Stage3). You can also monitor Live data for your engine condition as well.
  • Meth Injection System Support - V2 Pro-Tuner Meth Kit System interlocks with the Pro-Tuner & phone application. Custom tune boost & ignition timing based on the engine load received from the Canbus, when paired with the Methanol Injection system via PWM controller system.

LAP3 Pro-Tuner V2.5 - 2.0T-GDI (Veloster N & i30 N)

$1,200.00 Regular Price
$998.00Sale Price
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