We are proud to release our Front Mount Intercooler Kit for the 2017+ Hyundai Elantra Sport and 2019+ Veloster Turbo. A lot of R&D has gone into this kit and the results show. An additional 16 wheel horsepower (peak gain) and 4 wheel torque (peak) was gained versus the OEM intercooler on our tuned Elantra Sport. We swapped intercoolers right there on the dyno! 

Our kit is 100% bolt on with ZERO modification to the car required.

Looking at the dyno graph, you can see how the OEM intercooler struggles to breathe as RPMs climb. Although peak torque gain was only 4 lb-ft, as the rpms climb torque gains are 16+ where peak power gain is!!!

***Please note, you must have our Short Ram intake system installed as this will not work with the stock intake system. We cannot guarantee fitment with other aftermarket intake systems at this time.***

***2019 Veloster - Dyno test coming soon. Due to ECU limitation, tuning would be essential to maximum gains from this kit as shown in our Elantra sport dyno testing. Tuning solutions coming soon!***

First, to increase airflow and help take some stress off the turbocharger, we have 2.25in diameter piping mandrel bent to shape. Our pipe size can flow enough air for over 400 horsepower so you can be sure our kit will be sufficient for your build. Made from 6061 Aluminum and powdercoated our signature wrinkle black, these pipes are durable and will look good for a very long time. We also supply factory mounting flanges for the OEM blow off valve, boost sensor, and valve solenoid bracket.

Our intercooler core is where we get serious. We have accumulated about 60 hours of heavy CAD (computer aided design) modeling and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulation. After using a 3D scan of the front of the car, we have achieved a fine balance between evenly distributed flow across the core and entry/exit endtanks. We believe it's this efficiency through the core that helps us keep similar throttle response to stock. A first for this market, the end tanks are CNC machined from a solid block of billet 6061 aluminum. We went with 4-axis CNC machining the end tanks because we have full control over their geometry, and we can tweak their design to have the best airflow characteristics. It is nearly impossible to get our results with sheet metal fabricated end tanks.

A screenshot of an early CFD model result that we can manipulate to fine tune things including air speed, mass flow, and calculated temperature. The simulation comes from the CAD model that also helps us assemble parts and visualize their fit and finish. We also use these files to manufacture the different parts of the kit.

We use the very latest in engineering technology to bring a fit and finish like that of OEM. From 3D scanning to CAD models and installation diagrams, we capture every detail!


**These items may be in stock; otherwise it will be custom made per order. It may take 3-5 weeks to fabricate. Please contact us for more accurate lead time.

SXTH Front Mount Intercooler Kit

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